2-Good Reading

This is a a compilation of good reading found at this site. Below is a list of the ones I liked the most:

1. Will I Come Forth as Gold?” – This is a short devotion on Job 23:10.

2. The Christ of Isaiah Refines Me! – This is an add-on to #1’s “Will I Come Forth as Gold?”

3. Don’t Worry – Ah, the thoughts of a child!

4. Cancer and the Christian Life – By Pastor Kelly Sensenig. This piece is loaded with Scriptures and is an encouragement to any believer!

5. Sickness – by J.C. Ryle

6. Putting Life Into Perspective – A must read!

7. The Daffodil Principle – What a beautiful story to read on perseverance!

8. A Small Candle in the Right Hands – Two viewpoints 🙂

1 Response to 2-Good Reading

  1. Claudia Barron says:

    I have a written story about my own journey with breast cancer. I have been sharing it for the purpose of encouragement in various ways. It is also being featured on Hal Wilson’s site: Christians With Cancer. My story can be downloaded for anyone interested. I do not have a website or blog, but wondered if your site is a place to share or if you have any suggestions. This has become a ministry.

    Thank you in Christ,
    Claudia Barron

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