5-Health Tips

I decided to start this tab because I felt it may be a help to someone else who has been or is about to have colon surgery and chemo/radiation treatments. John’s recovery has been a long road and had it not been for the help of a naturopathic doctor and a good oncology nurse, he would still be struggling.

The recovery process is a long one. The intestines take a long time to recover and diet and supplements play a big role in the healing process. After the treatments and surgery are over, find a naturopathic doctor – an M.D. can order complete labs (blood work) to be done to see what levels each of the vitamins and minerals are in the body. As well, this doctor can look at your blood cells through a microscope and show you exactly what your blood has in it, i.e. damaged cells, etc.

Once the lab results are in, the doctor is able to see what vitamins you need as well as supplements. He may even require tests on various hormone levels (thyroid, etc.). Low levels cause the body to function differently, especially the intestines. The doctor may even suggest staying away from gluten and dairy products – which happened to John.

John has been on this regimen for a year and is feeling like himself again. The only issues that arise are when he cheats and has gluten products like bread.

I will update this section whenever John’s regimen changes. Hopefully this will be a blessing to someone.

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